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robinson dapper male model

The finishing touch ― sophisticated accessories for the modern gentleman.

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tanner bates devon messenger bag

Inspired by the past, designed for your future ― classic and timeless bags to carry with confidence.

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tanner bates man belt

Choose from one of our expertly handcrafted belts made from the finest vegetable-tanned leather.

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Expertly crafted gloves ― straight from our makers’ hands to yours.

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la coppola storta cap male model

Come rain or shine ― classic, handcrafted hats for every season.

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anna soderstrom scarf male model

As charming as they are warming, these classic scarves will see you through the seasons in comfort and style.

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muhle kosmo context

Discover the finest in hair and skin care for the well-groomed gentleman.

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la portegna espadrille

Discover our expertly crafted shoes — classic, durable footwear designed to last more than just one season.

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sozzi calze sock context

Sophisticated socks ― luxurious comfort for your feet.

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escuyer crew neck t-shirt

T-Shirts — A timeless and versatile wardrobe staple, made of the finest natural materials.

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albert lacreu classic wallet context

Keep your valuables in the safest place by investing in one of our classic wallets and card cases.

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